Objective Of The Vidyalaya

The main objectives of this vidyalaya are following:

  • To promote quality education by optimum utilization of available resources in the Vidyalaya and from neighboring community.
  • To Inculcate dignity of labour among the children by involving them in various socially useful productive works.
  • To develop the value based education through continuous guidance and counseling from the staff and experts from other organizations.
  • To strive for the academic excellence through the integration of computer technology in the teaching learning process to realize the objective of Samiti.
  • To create congenial atmosphere by way of beautification and infrastructure development in the campus.
  • To generate homely atmosphere by streamlining house system and inculcating inter personal relationship among the students.
  • To imbibe communal Harmony among the children through morning assembly and all religious prayer in the evening.
  • To develop the sprit of scientific enquiry among the children by assigning suitable projects during vacations.
  • To promote National Integration by cultural exchange, realizing the importance migration policy set by the Samiti.
  • To acquaint the rural talented children with modern and latest changes in the teaching learning process.